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out on cain street. this traffic record is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time. you'll save more in the long run. now it's time for manic monday. >> we've got a great group this morning. they're our indoor football team, the baltimore mariners! by the way, undefeated! >> coach, tell us about the last game. >> it was a close game, we beat them 91-19. got a great group of guys, atry organization. this is our third year here in baltimore. we're looking forward to baltimore makes us their own. >> and your next game is when? >> it's may 2nd against harris burg stampede, and they're in second place, so this is a big game for us. we have put some distance from the bottom to the top with a big win this week whoend, though. >> you have some local players, and also some former nflers. >> yeah, obviously we have j.r. who is the league-leading. >> he's the -- >> he's the leading kicker in the league, and also a teacher in the baltimore school district. danny is a local guy. we've got some tremendous athletes. several of these guys have been in nfl camps. numb
that reaches the ground. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> capitals have been playing montreal since labor day. >> exactly. they cannot shake them. the capitals will try once again to end of this series in montreal. the bill center will be rocking. the capitals had a very spirited worked out before they headed north. bruce boudreau was still hot about the lack of success on the power play. that any lack of scoring by alexander semin. he has gone 12 straight games without a goal. everybody knows the power play is the key to washington post success tonight. >> we need to work hard and get more shots and two basic things like drop into the net. that is the thing. [inaudible] >> power play of the day comes from the canucks goalie, robert so luongo. the save is incredible. it took a hard right out of the kings. -- heart right out of the kings. rick cannot eliminate -- teh nucks eliminate the los angeles kings. jason campbell >>> is out in oakland and unable to attend his own charity golf tournament. >> he is one of those people t
gadgets. on the ford side of things, you have ford benefiting from the mess at toyota. they have a phenomenal run, and alan mulally is doing everything right. i own for it the clients, but i don't know if i would add to the positions now, but if you have maalox and willing to take a risk, i am owning toyota at this point both for myself and clients. it is a little bit more of a gamble, but you are banking and banking that most of the bad news is baked into the stock price. >> well, it is a great point. of course, the first quarter has been better than expected on a lot of fronts, but we are waiting on evidence of end market demand, revenue growth, and are you seeing that? >> in places we are seeing the revenue, but it is one of the things coming stock by stock and we know that the auto market is stronger than you would expect, and the same with technology if you see what twe get out of apple and not so much nokia. we know that palm is not doing so well, but radio shack is pulling out of that. you have to pick and choose your places. i am not buying the market as a whole, but the
the victim and some friends had just left a restaurant when their car was rammed by a toyota camry. they say -- edwin escobar salmeron was arrested. the victim is expected to recover. >>> police are searching for people responsible for a series of vehicle break ins in leesburg, virginia. investigators say close to 30 vehicles on nottoway street were broken in to or had items stolen from them. two 16-year-olds and a 17-year- old have been arrested but police are looking for additional suspects. some victims reacted. >> a bunch of kids probably out having a good time, at least they thought they were having a good time breaking in to people's cars. >> i'd like to have them about five minutes and talk to them. >> reporter: police respond by doing a foot patrol in the area. officers found 77 unlocked vehicles. police advise everyone to always lock your vehicles and remove any valuables from clear sight. >>> arlington county officials approved a $995 million budget which includes a tax hike for property owners. according to our partners at the washington examiner the average owner will pay $346 mo
to earn 36.5% of the bank after the capital raising. >>> ross, toyota says it managed to boost global production in march by a whooping 96.7%, relative 770,000 vehicles. but the steep gain is largely on the back of low comparison figures from march 2009 numbers when the company was adjusting to a plunge in demand in the wake of the global financial crisis. still, things could be looking up for the embattled automaker. the nikkei reporter this weekend said impressive operating profit of as high as half a billion dollars for the financial year. above market consensus. this is attributable to the weaker yen and cost-cutting efforts. toyota shares getting a boost up more than 3%, 3690 japanese yen. >>> and still to come on the program, we'll take a look at what's moving the stock markets in our european stock watch. right after this. >>> look at the view of times square early in the morning in new york. 22 minutes past 4:00. eurozone governments a little bit lower today. investor tensions still very much, the ten-year note yield has dropped at 3.04%. ten years, huge week of auctions this
. authorities say the victim and some friends had just left a restaurant when their car was rammed by a toyota camry. they say edwin escobar salmeron got out and banged on the car. authorities say that he fled the scene but was later arrested. the victim is hospitalized and expected to recover. dc police say alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a man who fell nine stories to his death in a northwest washington apartment building. that man fell down a shaft on the roof of the connecticut house apartments on saturday. the victim is believed to be in his 20s. he was with several friends on the roof when he fell. the man's name is being withheld until relatives can be notified. >>> the dc council is pushing to tighten regulations of pawnshops in the district. the preponderance "washington post" is reporting the legislation was approved last week and they plan to discuss a permanent measure. it is trying to stop a pawnshop from moving in to a vacant real estate office in northwest. >>> hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to dorothy height ♪ [ music ] the packed southeast washing
by a toyota camry. they say the man got out of the camry and began banging on the other car. when the driver of that car got out police say he was stabbed several times. the accused was later arrested. the victim has been hospitalized tonight. >>> one local college is investigating an alleged sexual assault on campus. george mason university officials did not send out an alert to all students. they said they didn't believe there was a threat to the entire campus community but they said that the lack of information about the sexual assault has some students worried tonight. surae chinn has that story. >> shocked. >> reporter: george mason university students woke up to an unusual sight sunday morning. >> about three cop cars. state troopers. they were sitting around talking. and then two george mason policemen. >> i wondered what they were. i thought they were checking the meters. >> reporter: police were not after meters, they were after a suspect. the freshman was acquainted with her attacker. >> reporter: george mason police would not go on camera but would only confirm they are investigat
gm emerged from bankruptcy. the fallout from toyota's safety problem appears to have given americans a renewed confidence in u.s. cars. four years ago, 46% of americans said asian cars were superior to american cars. now american cars are preferred by a 38 to 33% margin. economists at the university of michigan say despite the gains in the auto industry this year, the state will lose 40,000 jobs. that is sadly encouraging news simply because original forecasts had michigan braced to lose twice that much jobs. in a moment, governor granholm. about osteoporosis. with osteoporosis, you can still look and feel healthy. i know. that's me. on the inside, your bones can weaken over time, making you vulnerable to fracture. what can she do? ask your doctor how to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month actonel. actonel is clinically proven to help reverse bone loss and can help increase bone strength to help prevent fractures. do not take actonel if you have esophagus problems, low blood calcium, severe kidney disease, or cannot sit or stand for 30 minutes. follow all dosing instructions. s
system standard on every vehicle we make. at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪ let me show you. there's a new 24-hour heartburn formula that's different. it's called zegerid otc. only zegerid otc has both prescription strength-medicine and a special ingredient to allow its powerful medicine to be quickly absorbed. zegerid otc controls and suppresses acid all day and all night. there's a brilliant new idea in heartburn relief. new zegerid otc. discover the difference. >>> we're back with the roind table. a big question i've been thinking about, whether health care and intervention into the economy, economic stimulus or financial regulation, it is about this debate between the role of government in society, in the economy, in our lives generally. david brooks, you have been thinking about this a lot. your wrote in your column on friday, in the first year of the obama administration, the democrats either wittingly or unwittingly decided to put the big government versus small government debate at the center of american life. how
on why she took off. >> first your local news. ♪ presenting the new toyota avalon. it's one smooth ride. it has lots of space for you... and all your things. i got mine with voice activated navigation. so we can get to the city. [ male announcer ] there's no finer way to travel. the new toyota avalon... comfort is back. ♪ bring me a dream comfort is back. as long as there's sun, you and your family can go have fun. because banana boat blocks up to 96% of harmful uva and uvb rays. so you can go, go, go, confident you're protected from sunburn and long-term skin damage. banana boat. we've got you covered. ♪ [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? ♪ when you can. take the special k challenge... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. so lose your cover-up, and show off your confidence. design your plan at we helped keep your skin clear. now we have a solution for wrinkles. neutrogena anti wrinkle with retinol sa smoothes even deep wrinkles. it works...beautifully. neutrogena. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltim
. toyota says despite the recall of some 10 million vehicles in recent months, production soared more than 80% in march compared to one year ago. cars and trucks have been the subject of at least three separate recalls in the past year. the national association for business economics is painting a somewhat picture of future growth. a new survey of economists find more optimism about growth and this year as industry report increasing profits and jobs. those are some of the latest headlines. >> sunday on "in death" -depth"- three hours with pat buchanan. host: trudy rubin is with us from philadelphia, a foreign affairs columnist for "the little bit enquirer." tell us about your most recent trip to the middle east. where were you and what did you see? guest: i was on a three-week trip to afghanistan, pakistan, and the iraq. i started with admiral mullen and we traveled to canada are -- kandahar, where a big offensive is about to start, and then i went on to kabul and other cities to talk to afghan officials. then i continued on to pakistan to look at the other side of the border, how much coo
essentially. look at what's happened to toyota and they still haven't fixed it. so that's something that i will hold for a while, most likely. >> thanks for phoning in. appreciate it. got to take a break. coming up next, ears to the wall with a tech name that could be poised for a takeout. >>> mega capitalists come to congress. fast money's guide to trading edge before the face-off. plus, the make your flat screen possible but can they make you money? how to trade this tv titan ahead of earnings. >>> welcome back to the "fast money" halftime report. let's put our ear to the wall. potential m and a target here? >> yeah, mcafee looks like it. i've got nothing back from the company yet but we saw big option trades hit in the first ten minutes of trading. it has continued surging up over 15,000, 16,000 contracts, almost no putsing on long the stocks. hewlett-packard the rumored takeover potentially. >> let's take our position on x u.s. steel got set to release earnings tomorrow morning. tim, rising iron ore cost, q-2 is seasonably longer though. what are you expecting from these guys? >> anyth
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)